Soak Up Your Bacon Grease With Rolled Oats and Feed it to the Birds

Bacon is a beloved food in my household, and we always make sure to buy pasture-raised and organic bacon. However, after every cookout, we are left with an abundance of bacon grease in our pans. We usually store most of it in a mason jar in the fridge for future use, but there always seems to be more than we can consume.

Previously, we used to wipe the excess grease off our baking sheets with paper towels to avoid clogging up our plumbing. However, we have since discovered a brilliant idea on the internet that not only solves our excess grease issue but also provides a nutritious treat for our feathered friends.

The idea is to soak up the excess bacon grease with rolled oats and create a bird feeder with it. This method provides a delicious treat for wild birds, and you can also feed it to your chickens and other domesticated birds.

Contrary to what Big Ag wants us to believe, birds are not vegetarians. They enjoy meat and fat, and even their own eggs. By using organic bacon grease, we can ensure that the birds are getting a high-quality and healthy snack.

Creating the bacon grease bird feeder is a straightforward process. Simply mix the bacon grease with rolled oats until the mixture is thick and clumpy. Then, mold the mixture into small balls or press it into a bird feeder tray. Place the feeder in an area where you can observe the birds, and watch as they come flocking to enjoy their new snack.

This method not only provides a tasty and nutritious snack for the birds, but it also helps to reduce waste in our kitchen. We no longer need to use paper towels to wipe off excess grease, and we can feel good about providing a high-quality snack for our feathered friends.

In conclusion, if you have excess bacon grease in your kitchen and want to provide a treat for your feathered friends, consider creating a bacon grease bird feeder. It’s an easy and rewarding way to reduce waste while providing a nutritious snack for the birds.