What home improvements can you do yourself?

Home improvement

With the UK’s household savings ratio (the share of household disposable income that is saved) reaching its highest ever amount, Brits have more money than ever to invest in making their homes look perfect. If you’re one of those who has lived frugally over the past year, chances are you’re looking at your upcoming home improvement projects through a budget lens – you’ve saved all this cash, after all, so how can you keep a hold of it!

One of the best ways to keep down the cost of home improvement is by doing it yourself, but before you go electrocuting yourself or flooding your kitchen, which of these jobs are DIY-friendly?


As long as you have a bit of patience and don’t mind getting a set of clothes dirty, redecorating the home is something most homeowners can do themselves. Whether you are putting up wallpaper or cracking out your paint roller, decorating is pretty straightforward, and any skills you need to learn from YouTube are easily picked up. Just make sure to take your time around the edges and invest in some masking tape!


Whether you’re investing in some great IKEA furniture or putting together pieces bought second-hand, getting your home’s furnishings in good order is a simple and easy way of attaining a new look in time for summer. All you need to do is invest in a set of screwdrivers, Alan keys, or a good power drill, and you can conquer any flatpack that crosses your path.


After the homebound year we’ve experienced, you’d be forgiven for having a home that looks more than a little uncluttered. Thing is, by getting your things in good order, you can transform the appearance of your home – and you don’t need to hire Marie Kondo to do so.

All that’s required are some boxes to package up your messy belongings, a long afternoon, and a trip to the tip after. And If you want to go further, you could even consider grabbing an online guide to Feng Shui and altering your home’s organisation in kind. 


If you’ve got an unloved yard, now is the time to control it before plant growth really starts ramping up. It might take a little time, but with a spade, pair of shears, and a brown bin, you can cut back the weeds and make your outdoor space nice and tidy, ready for a summer spent lounging in the sun. 

Another really easy outdoor task anyone can do is power washing. Simply hire a washer, hook it up to your outdoor tap, and get blasting away a winter’s worth of grime and dirt from your driveway and patio. You’ll be gobsmacked at just how gleaming it is afterwards!