Simple Ways To Make A Small Kitchen Look Bigger And Brighter


Small kitchens can be a challenge to work in, especially if you are trying to cook for a large family or entertain guests. Not only is there limited counter space and storage, but the layout of the room can make it difficult to move around. To make the most of your small kitchen, you need to be creative. From cleverly placed lighting to the right color scheme and furniture placement, there are plenty of things you can do to enhance the look and feel of the room If you are not sure where to start, here are some simple tips that will help you make your small kitchen look bigger and brighter.

Add Mirrors

Adding mirrors to your kitchen can be a great way to make the space look larger and brighter. Mirrors reflect light, which will help to brighten up the room. They can also help to create the illusion of depth and make the kitchen seem larger than it is. If you are working with a small kitchen, consider adding a large mirror or several smaller mirrors to the space. You can place them on the walls, above the cabinets, or even on the refrigerator. Just be sure that they are well placed and not too crowded together so that they do not overwhelming or distracting. You should also avoid placing them directly opposite from each other, as this can create an uncomfortable feeling.

Invest in Space-Saving Furniture

When it comes to a small kitchen, furniture can take up a lot of space. Look for pieces that are designed to fit into tight spaces and maximize the area you have. For instance, you could opt for open shelves rather than bulky cabinets or install a fold-down table that can be tucked away when not in use. As seen at, investing in the built-in microwave or narrow trash storage drawer can also help create extra storage space. You should also consider purchasing multipurpose furniture, such as an island with extra storage or a kitchen cart that can double as a countertop. If possible, try to keep the number of large pieces of furniture limited so that you do not overcrowd the room.

Change Your Color Scheme

One of the easiest ways to make a small kitchen look bigger is to change the color scheme. Avoid dark and dull colors, as they will only make the room feel more cramped. Instead, opt for bright and vibrant shades that will help to reflect light around the room. You can also use contrasting colors on your walls and cabinets to create an illusion of depth. For example, painting one wall a bright white or cream and then adding pops of color with furniture or accessories will add visual interest and keep the space feeling open. You could also try a monochromatic look with shades of the same hue, such as varying tones of blues or greens.

Use Strategic Lighting

Good lighting is essential in any kitchen, but it becomes even more important in a small space. Proper lighting will help to make the room feel bigger and brighter, while also making it easier to work in. Start by installing bright overhead lights that will provide plenty of illumination throughout the entire kitchen. Then add task lighting under your cabinets or over where you prep food so that you can see what you are doing without straining your eyes. You could also try placing some floor lamps around the room for additional light and a cozy atmosphere. Just make sure that the lamps are not too big or bulky and that they do not take up too much space.

Replace Cabinets with Open Shelves

Rather than using traditional cabinets, consider replacing them with open shelves. This will help to open up the space and make it look bigger. Plus, it can be a great way to show off your favorite dishes or kitchen accessories. Just be sure that you choose sturdy shelves that are securely mounted to the wall so they do not become a safety hazard. You should also keep in mind that open shelves tend to need more frequent cleaning and dusting than closed cabinets, as dust and dirt can easily accumulate on them.  With these simple tips, you can make even the smallest of kitchens look larger and brighter! Have fun experimenting with different ideas until you find something that works for your space.


Clutter can make even the biggest of rooms feel cramped and small. Take some time to declutter your kitchen and get rid of any items that are not being used or needed. This will help free up some space in your cabinets, as well as create a more open feeling in the room. You could also invest in some clever storage solutions to keep things organized while they are put away. Finally, try to keep surfaces free from clutter so that it is easier to work when you have limited counter space. By clearing out the mess and investing in efficient storage solutions, you can instantly make your kitchen look bigger!

Making a small kitchen appear larger may seem like an impossible task, but it is possible with the right design tricks. From choosing the right colors and adding strategically placed lights to investing in space-saving furniture and open shelves, there are plenty of ways you can make even the tiniest of kitchens feel bigger. So don’t be afraid to experiment with different ideas until you find something that works for your space. With these tips, you can create a bright, open kitchen that looks much bigger than it is!