Love DIY Decor? Here are 6 Amazing Ideas to Try


Your personal space is a place where you have the opportunity to create something, be it your bedroom or your office. It’s a place to explore your style. This is the best way to take advantage of your free time in this pandemic time and make something of it, not something but for some great, super simple decorations.

Fortunately, home styling themes and household products can be manufactured by themselves without spending so much money. So, first, change the theme of your home style to suit your wonderful style, and then find out which room they are most suitable for.

Let’s check out some DIY decors that are appropriate for beginners and also pocket friendly:

⚈ Hanging Rope Shelf


Supplies you need

  1. Four pieces of wooden plank= 5cm thick & 1.5cm long
  2. Measuring Tape
  3. Thick Rope= 20m 
  4. Cable Locks= 10
  5. Drill Machine
  6. Scissors
  7. Hooks 
  8. Wrench

How to make:

  1. Start by drilling holes in the wooden plank, don’t forget to mark the holes before drilling for holes to line up.
  2. Cut four pieces of rope to match the height from the roof to the floor. Tie that rope onto the hooks in the roof, so the four pieces hang down.
  3. At that point, beginning from the highest rack, start stringing the boards through the wood. Ensure you measure between the boards so that the racks are divided equitably. 
  4. Once you have added the mainboard and set it up, add the link lock onto each piece of rope under the board. Do this for the rest.
  5. When every one of the boards is added, and you are satisfied with their levels, utilize a wrench to fix every one of the screws so that there’s no movement and you can put heavy things on the rack.

Now it’s good to go. These racks barely cost anything but change the space.

⚈ Photo Canvas Prints

Canvases were used to paint, but experimentation is the new way to connect with people in this modern era. Now canvases are also used for photo prints. There are so many websites out there that you can get your canvas print. Canvaspop is one of them; you can choose from the best canvas print online. All you have to do is get your camera and have a photo shoot at home and get the photos printed on Canvaspop. 

The thing you would need for a home photoshoot:

  1. Good background or a backdrop
  2. Good quality camera
  3. Tripod 
  4. Light stands or a palace with good lighting.

Voila! You’re good to go, Say cheese & start taking pictures, be creative with your poses. Candids work the best all the time.

⚈ Stick Framed Round Mirror

Supplies you need:

  1. 10 inch round mirror plate or any size according to your preference
  2. Piece of cardboard
  3. Lots of wooden sticks
  4. Hot glue gun
  5. Pencil
  6. Box cutter

How to make: 

  1. Place the mirror on top of the cardboard, utilize a pencil to follow a casing around the mirror big enough to hold your sticks.
  2. Cut the tracing on the cardboard 2-3 inches larger than the mirror with the box cutter.
  3. Stick the mirror on the cardboard with the hot glue gun.
  4. Start gluing the sticks onto the cardboard along the edge of the mirror with the hot glue gun.
  5. Make a hole on the back of the cardboard if you choose to hang it or keep it wherever you want.

⚈ Wooden Crate Bookshelf


Needed supplies:

  1. 8 Unfinished wooden crate
  2. Sandpaper
  3. Sponge brushes
  4. Plastic table cloth
  5. Wood stain
  6. Drill or screwdriver
  7. 1-inch screws
  8. L bracket

How to make:

  1. Sand down the crates.
  2. Place crates on the plastic cloth.
  3. Stain the whole crate with the sponge, let it dry completely.
  4. Align the two lower boxes and pre-drill one side of the box to the rear. Hold the boxes so that they don’t move. Screw/drill your 1-inch screw.
  5. Continue building the bookcase with the same process & your wooden crate bookcase is ready.

⚈ Rubber Tire Chair


Needed supplies:

  1. Tire
  2. Woodcut into circle
  3. Screws
  4. Screwdriver
  5. Rope
  6. Glue gun
  7. Drill
  8. A jar of sealant
  9. Brush
  10. Cloth

How to make:

  1. Clean the tire with a dry cloth.
  2. Drill 3 holes into the round wooden piece.
  3. Secure the wooden piece to the tire with the screws.
  4. Repeat the same process on the other side of the tire.
  5. Start gluing by rope from the center of the wood.
  6. Coil the rope around the center & press it down to make the rope secure.
  7. After the wood is completely covered with rope, repeat the same process on the other side of the rope.
  8. Now with the brush, paint a layer of sealant over the rope. Let it dry, then apply a second coat.

When your sealant has completely dried, you have your provincial, hand-crafted ottoman.