6 Things You Should Always Do Before Washing Your Clothes

source: Pexels

I’ll be the first to admit, laundry is the bane of my existence. Gathering all those worn-out clothes, sorting them into piles, wrestling with the washing machine, drying, folding… it feels like a never-ending cycle of despair, doesn’t it? Just when you think you’re done, boom, another pile magically appears. It’s as if my laundry basket is a bottomless pit. But, you know, between you and me, I might just hate it a little less now. Why, you ask? Well, let me spill the tea.

So there I was, one lazy afternoon, sprawled on my couch, mindlessly scrolling through Instagram reels—my favorite pastime, by the way (because why do laundry when you can watch cat videos, right?). That’s when I stumbled upon this video. It wasn’t a cat video, but it was equally mesmerizing. It was titled something like this “Clever Hack to Say Goodbye to Laundry Stress,” and boy, did I need that in my life.

source: Pexels

Zip Zippers

The first genius tip I picked up was about zippers. Apparently, you’re supposed to zip all the zippers before throwing your clothes in the wash. Mind blown! It prevents them from snagging on other clothes. I mean, how did I not think of this before?

Turn Cotton/Graphic Shirts Inside Out

Then, there was this revelation about turning clothes inside out. Not just any clothes, though—your favorite cotton shirts and those precious shirts with cool graphics on them. Doing this helps preserve the colors and the prints. It’s like giving your clothes a little shield as they brave the stormy seas of the washing machine.

source: Pexels

Unfurl Socks

Socks, those sneaky little devils that always seem to disappear, need to be unfurled. No more balling them up before tossing them into the wash. It ensures they get a thorough clean and, let’s be honest, probably helps them from slipping into the abyss (aka the mysterious land where all the missing socks go).

Close Bra Hooks

For those of us who wear bras, closing the hooks before washing is a game-changer. It prevents them from turning into a tangled mess or, worse, hooking onto other clothes and ruining them. Who knew such a simple step could save so much heartache?

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Use Laundry Bags for Delicates

Delicate clothes, oh how I’ve wronged you before. Now, I know to put them in a laundry bag before washing. It’s like giving them a cozy, protective bubble. No more tears when my favorite lace top comes out looking like it barely survived a cat fight.

Empty Those Pockets

Last but certainly not least, checking pockets. How many times have I washed a receipt, a random candy wrapper, or, horror of horrors, tissues? Too many to count. Now, I make it a point to pat down those pockets like I’m looking for treasure. Because, let’s face it, finding a forgotten $20 bill does feel like hitting the jackpot.

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So there you have it, my newfound laundry wisdom. It might not make me love doing laundry, but it sure makes it less of a chore. Now, if only there was a hack to make folding clothes more fun…