The Bizarre Reason Some Women Are Putting Toothpaste On Their Breasts

sources: Calstone Inc. / YouTube/Article Factory

I’ve seen some pretty strange beauty trends over the past few years, but this one is definitely towards the top of the list. An increasing number of women, specifically YouTube vloggers, are claiming that applying toothpaste to your breasts will make them bigger and more firm. But before you go trying out this wacky, viral trend for yourself, you should probably read this first.

source: FirstCry Parenting

Marie Claire magazine gets straight to the point — toothpaste is essentially just a combination of alcohol, mint, fluoride, and detergents. Not one of these ingredients has the ability to make breast tissue grow. Dermatologist and assistant clinical professor at Yale University, Mona Gohara, only furthers this sentiment.

“As a derm, I cringe at the prospect of putting toothpaste on a zit, let alone slathering it on your breasts,” she says. “Along with the fact that toothpaste can be an extreme skin irritant, there is also no medical evidence that toothpaste or vaseline or any topical cream can increase collagen or elastin. Otherwise, trust me—after baby number two, I would have been wearing Crest all day long,” she continues.

source: Ask The Dentist

The moral of the story? No matter the title or content of those viral YouTube videos claiming otherwise, toothpaste will not make your breasts grow. In fact, the only thing toothpaste will do for your breasts is likely just irritate your skin. Embrace your breasts, regardless of their size, and keep the toothpaste for brushing your teeth.