How To Properly Clean Dirty Window Tracks

source: The Intentional Mom

There are certain places in our homes that we tend to neglect when it comes to cleaning. One of those places is definitely window tracks. The borders surrounding our windows can become filled with dirt, dust, dead bugs, and more. Plus, they’re not the easiest surface to clean. Thankfully, there’s a simple method that will have your window tracks clean and sparkling.

Thanks to The Intentional Mom for sharing this helpful tip!

To clean your window tracks, you will need:

An old toothbrush

Distilled vinegar

Baking soda

Paper towel


Butter knife


Step 1: Sprinkle some baking soda over the window tracks, paying close attention to the worst parts (usually the corners).

Step 2: Pour a little bit of vinegar over the baking soda. You will notice it beginning to bubble.

Step 3: Let it sit for about five to ten minutes.

Step 4: Use the toothbrush to scrub at the gunk, working it towards the center.

Step 5: Use the paper towel to wipe up all of the gunk and discard it in the trash.

Step 6: Wet the rag and give the window tracks another wipe down.

Step 7: Cover the edge of the butter knife with the rag and use it to clean out the cracks and crevices.

Step 8: Give the tracks one final wipe down and you’re done!