Why You Should Not Keep Eggs In The Door Of The Fridge

source: Dandelion Hill Farm

Refrigerating your eggs seems like a pretty simple concept, right? Our eggs are stored in refrigerated units at the grocery store, we bring them home, and we stick them right into the fridge. If your family is anything like mine, you go through a lot of eggs in a month. After all, eggs are delicious, packed with protein, and the options for cooking them are endless!

source: Relish / Mark Boughton Photography

Anyways, back to the topic of refrigerating eggs. In many parts of Europe, people don’t keep their eggs in the fridge whatsoever. This is due to the different (and generally safer) manner of egg production regulations in Europe. But in America, standards are different, and we need to keep eggs in the fridge to avoid salmonella and keep them fresh for longer.

And on that topic, you probably have a usual spot in your fridge for storing your eggs. In fact, many people keep their eggs in those built-in egg racks in the door of the fridge. That’s what they’re meant for, right? Yes, that’s what they’re meant for, but you actually shouldn’t keep your eggs in the refrigerator door at all.

According to Reader’s Digest, placing your eggs in the door of the fridge exposes them to fluctuating temperatures throughout the day as you open and close the fridge door. This can cause the eggs to rot faster, and makes them more susceptible to bacteria growth. For this reason, it’s better to store your eggs on a shelf in the fridge where temperatures remain fairly constant.

Who knew there was an art to safely storing your eggs? So go on and check the location of your eggs — if they’re currently sitting in the door of the fridge, you might want to move them to a shelf ASAP.