Here’s What Your Nails Can Tell You About Your Health

source: MindWaft

You probably think of your fingernails as a pretty insignificant part of your body. However, the state of your nails can actually tell you multiple things about your health. Check out the information and chart below and see if your nails fall under any of these descriptions.

source: Well+Good

Vertical Ridges

If your nails have vertical ridges, it could signify a possible iron deficiency.

Horizontal Ridges

If your nails have horizontal ridges, it could point to a possible Vitamin A, Vitamin B, or calcium deficiency.


If you find yourself constantly getting hangnails, it could be due to poor digestion, a lack of protein, or a lack of Vitamin C.


Pay attention to the white moon shape located toward the bottom of your nail. If you have a healthy thyroid, you will likely have a moon on each fingernail. If you are missing these moons, it could indicate a weak or improperly functioning thyroid.

A note on weak thyroids:

Weak thyroids can cause fatigue, mood swings, depression, thinning of hair, and changes in hair or skin texture. Thyroid issues are also often accompanied by weight loss or weight gain. If you believe you might have an undiagnosed thyroid issue, you should consult with your doctor.

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