12 Creative Ways To Repurpose Bedside Tables Into Kids’ Toys

source: Bubblestitch Quilts

I have a bunch of old furniture sitting in our basement, collecting dust and cobwebs. I really dislike clutter and junk unless it can somehow serve a purpose – and thankfully, most of the time it can! If you have some old beside tables hanging around that you don’t know what to do with, here are 12 creative ways to repurpose them into awesome kids’ toys.

1. Quirky Kitchen

source: The Refab Diaries

How adorable is this bedside table turned 70s-inspired kitchen? Click here for the fun tutorial.

2. Workbench

source: DIY Network

This is a great project for a bedside table that was transformed into a kids’ workbench, complete with tools! Find the tutorial here.

3. Kitchen With A View

source: Giggleberry Creations

How sweet is this kitchen, complete with a picturesque view and attached pantry! Click here for the step-by-step instructions.

4. Kitchen Table

source: Old Salt Farm

How darling is this play kitchen table made from an old beside table? The matching chairs are too cute.

5. Gray Kitchen

source: Simply September

This nightstand was transformed into a cute little gray kitchen – I love the painted stove burners and the little sink. Check out the tutorial here.

6. Chic Little Kitchen

source: At Home With Ashley

This play kitchen is so chic, I would love a life-size version of it. Click here for the detailed tutorial.

7. Perfectly Vintage Kitchen

source: Bubblestitch Quilts

I think this mustard yellow, vintage-inspired play kitchen transformation is my total favorite. Click here for the step-by-step instructions!

8. Double Kitchen

source: The Farmer’s Nest

Check out the transformation this pair of beside tables went through! Find the awesome tutorial here.

9. Modern Kitchen

source: Preparing for Peanuts

Here’s another wonderful tutorial for making a play kitchen from a more modern bedside table.

10. Simplistic Kitchen

source: Nikkis’ Nacs

This is a really cute yet really simplistic tutorial for turning a nightstand into a play kitchen.

11. Gourmet Chef’s Kitchen

source: Kate’s Creative Space

Now, this tutorial involves using a dresser to create a play kitchen instead of a nightstand, but how phenomenal is this!

12. Sweet Country Kitchen

source: Little Gray Table

And last but not least, how charming is this country-inspired play kitchen made from a bedside table?

If you have some old beside tables or dressers lying around that you no longer have a use for, hopefully these ideas have given you some inspiration for transforming them into beloved kids toys!