10 Vegetable Seeds To Sow In January

source: Harvest to Table | dreamstime

If you grow vegetables or herbs in your garden, it can sometimes feel like you have to wait until the very end of the season to see any sizeable produce. Depending on the plant, some seeds can take quite a while to grow into mature plants, hence the waiting period. Fortunately, you can sow some seed varieties in January (and into February, too) in order to see vegetables and herbs sooner.

1. Chili Peppers

source: The Spruce/Grace Thomas

Chili peppers need a rather long summer in order to grow to their full potential. You can sow chili pepper seeds indoors in pots of good-quality seed sowing compost. Find out more tips here.

2. Basil

source: Sara’s Kitchen Garden

Basil will produce a strong, continuous crop when you sow seeds in a moist compost mixture. The seeds will be happiest on a warm windowsill, but not in direct sunlight. Read more basil sowing tips here!

3. Tomatoes

source: Quickcrop

Why not start sowing tomato seeds early? You’ll get to extend the growing season, and enjoy a fruitful harvest. Get some great tomato sowing tips here.

4. Peas

source: Harvest to Table

Peas are a beginner-friendly plant that you can sow and grow on a warm windowsill at any time of the year! Find more pea sowing tips here.

5. Leeks

source: Gardeners’ World

If you sow leeks in January, you’ll end up with thick, healthy leeks. Leeks take a long time to grow, so getting a head start is never a bad idea. Learn more here.

6. Lettuce

source: The Old Farmer’s Almanac

Lettuce is heartier than it looks, and can easily be grown indoors year-round. Get some great lettuce sowing tips here!

7. Onions

source: Australian Handyman Magazine

Sowing onion seeds early on will produce big, healthy onion yields. Find out more about sowing onion seeds here.

8. Eggplants

source: Gardening Know How

Like tomatoes and peppers, eggplants need a long summer growing season. Give them a head start indoors in January for big, healthy, and juicy eggplants. Find more eggplant sowing tips here.

9. Celeriac

source: Grow Veg

Celeriac is one tough cookie in the plant world, but it takes an extremely long time to grow. Starting celeriac seeds early will give you big celeriac plants at the end of the season. Get more celeriac sowing tips here.

10. Beets

source: Hidden Springs Homestead

Beets are yet another vegetable that if given a head start in late January or early February, will produce, big healthy beets. Find some great beet sowing tips here.

Hopefully these seed sowing tips have given you some good ideas about which plants to start this winter! Taking a little bit of time to sow seeds in January and February will give you lots of healthy produce as you go through the season. Happy growing!