TikTok User Discovers Game-Changing Tortilla Toaster Hack

source: TikTok/@clean_air

I won’t lie – when TikTok first came out, I was totally against it. I thought the entire platform was preteens making dances, but boy – was I wrong. Since the pandemic started (and so did my never-ending free time), I started getting into TikTok and discovered there are actually lots of cool videos on cooking, home improvements, and much, much more. The cooking videos in particular have inspired me to try multiple recipes, tips, and tricks.

source: TikTok/@clean_air

So, imagine my delight when I heard about this TikTok video that has since gone viral because of the cooking hack it contains. TikTok user clean_air accidentally stumbled upon this hack when they put a flour tortilla in the toaster. It turns out, when you put a flour tortilla in the toaster, it becomes puffy and hollow on the inside, making the perfect pocket for your taco toppings!


Accidentally discovered something not sure if this is a thing already #LetsFaceIt #IAmLost

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You may have to play around with your toaster’s settings before finding the one that allows you to achieve a soft, puffy inside tortilla with a crispy outer layer, so try starting on a low setting. As another TikTok user pointed out in the comments, this is actually called a gordita – an authentic Mexican tortilla. So, we’re learning about different culture’s foods and also learning a great cooking hack!

source: Hilah Cooking

Big thanks to clean_air for sharing this accidental stroke of genius. Regular tacos are great and all, but this hack is really going to take Taco Tuesday to a whole new level. And all you need is your trusty toaster!