6 Things To Practice If You Want To Be One Of Those People With A Super Clean Home

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There’s one in every friend group. You know, that person who always has an amazingly clean home, even if you drop by unexpectedly. If you want to be someone who always has a neat, clean, and organized home, get in the habit of practicing the following simple yet effective tips.

1. Don’t Overdecorate

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There are so many lovely knick knacks out there, it can be hard not to overdecorate. However, each room in your home only needs so many trinkets, pieces of art, and throw pillows. Display a few possessions and make your home feel like you, but don’t overdecorate. It only leads to cluttered rooms and a cluttered house.

2. Don’t Just Toss Things Around

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When you’ve got a lot on the go, it’s all too easy to toss things on the floor or a chair with the mindset that you’ll deal with it later. If you deal with small messes and chores in the moment, you won’t be left procrastinating over bigger messes later on.

3. Don’t Wait For Spring Cleaning

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If you have a bunch of chores to take care of, don’t leave them all for spring cleaning! This will make the jobs seem extremely overwhelming, and you probably won’t end up doing half of them. Space your chores out over time and make realistic goals for accomplishing them.

4. Don’t Keep Old Mail

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Most people have a pile or junk drawer overflowing with bills, mail, and other pieces of paper. If you need to keep something, file it in the appropriate spot. If you don’t, shred it and recycle it.

5. Don’t Hang On To Useless Stuff

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People with clean and organized homes go through their closets, basements, etc. at least twice a year. Don’t be afraid to donate or sell clothing that you no longer wear or that doesn’t fit, toys your kids haven’t touched in ages, and any other stuff you no longer have a use for.

6. Don’t Skip Out On Deep Cleaning

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Yes, it’s important to do small cleaning jobs like wiping down the counters and vacuuming the floors. However, don’t forget about those more tedious jobs like cleaning the shower and dusting those high shelves. If you leave those jobs for a long time, it’ll feel super overwhelming when you actually go to do them.