According To Study, Couples Who Tease Each Other Are The Happiest

source: Savvy Life Mag Plus

When you see a couple teasing one another, you may assume that said couple isn’t happy, or that each party isn’t being very nice to one another. However, a recent study has revealed that couples who playfully tease each other and laugh about their faults tend to be in happier, healthier relationships than couples who don’t.

source: Medical Xpress

A study published in the Journal of Research in Personality conducted online interviews with 154 heterosexual couples. Each participant separately answered questions about their relationship including how often they argue, if they are satisfied with their sex life, and if they are satisfied with the relationship in general. Researchers also examined how the participants dealt with being laughed at, and whether or not they liked to laugh at others.

source: HuffPost

The study revealed that provoking others to laugh at you tends to lead to positive effects. “Women reported more often that they tended to be satisfied with their relationship and felt more attracted to their partner. They and their partners also tended to be equally satisfied with their sex life,” explains Kay Brauer, co-author of the study. “We found that partners are often alike with regard to their individual characteristics and also their profiles,” Brauer continues.

source: Nick Notas

Meanwhile, partners who are afraid of being laughed at tend to be less happy with their partner, sex life, and relationship in general. While this study doesn’t necessarily mean that all couples who tease each other are happier, it simply means that couples who can take a moment and laugh at one another in a mutually playful, harmless way tend to have closer, more fulfilling relationships because they share certain personality traits.