How To Make A Strawberry Shortcake Poke Cake

source: 12Tomatoes

Strawberry-flavored desserts have always been a favorite of mine. They’re light, just the right amount of sweet, and make for the perfect summer dessert. I recently stumbled across a recipe for strawberry shortcake poke cake that’s just as yummy as it is pretty. I think it may be one of my new favorites!

source: Lil’ Luna

If you’ve never made a poke cake before, it’s basically a white cake base (in this instance) that you poke holes in. You then pour strawberry jello into the holes which gives the cake a beautiful marbled look. It also makes the cake extremely moist and spongy, which is just how a cake should be!

source: EatingWell via Antonis Achilleos

This cake may look like a work of art, but it doesn’t involve any complicated ingredients. A store-bought cake mix, strawberry jello mix, and a few other pantry staples are all you need. Some fresh strawberries make for the perfect topping.

source: My Food and Family

If you’re charged with bringing a dessert to a potluck, family get together, or are just craving a sweet and light dessert, this recipe is the one for you. Something about this super sweet and aesthetically pleasing cake would also be perfect for a summer baby shower or birthday party. Click here for the full recipe from 12Tomatoes. This recipe is bound to become a new favorite in my family!