14 Space-Saving Tips For Apartment Or Small Home Living

sources: A Beautiful Mess / majsterkowo / apartment therapy

Throughout my college years, I moved around to a ton of tiny apartments. I always had the hardest time storing, displaying, and organizing my belongings as space was super limited. If you currently live in a small apartment or home, the following tips are here to help you save space and organize more effectively.

1. Corner Shelves

If you have lots of books and knick knacks but limited wall space, some corner shelves are the perfect (and stylish) solution.

2. Under-The-Bed Storage

source: Grillo Designs

Small home living means taking advantage of every possible space. Bins, baskets, or drawers with wheels on them make the perfect vessels for under-the-bed storage.

3. Leaning Desk

source: Futon Company

Leaning desks are great because they take up very minimal space, but offer a workspace and shelving all in one.

4. Hang Up Pots And Pans

source: The2Seasons

If you don’t have much kitchen storage space, fasten a towel bar to the wall or side of your island to hang up pots and pans.

5. Bathroom Counter Storage

If your bathroom vanity doesn’t allow for much storage, use a tiered storage display like this one to neatly organize items you frequently use.

6. Hooks, Hooks, And More Hooks

source: CoolThings

When you’re dealing with a small space, hanging up as much stuff as possible is the best way to get it off of the ground and out of boxes. Over-the-door hooks are easily moveable and very convenient.

7. Murphy Bed

source: House&Garden / LIONEL MOREAU

This may sound old-school, but a murphy bed is a great way to offer extra sleeping accommodations for guests when faced with very little floor space.

8. Bathroom Baskets

source: Pinterest

If you don’t have a linen closet, attaching some inexpensive wire baskets to your bathroom wall makes for great towel storage.

9. Console Table

source: Kylie M. Interiors

Situating a console table behind a couch and placing stools underneath it is a great way to make extra seating in a small space.

10. Bedside Shelf

source: apartment therapy

If you don’t have enough room for a nightstand, a corner floating shelf is a great alternative.

11. Increase Your Cooking Space

source: Imged

If you don’t have a lot of counter space to cook or bake on, a rollout cutting board drawer makes for a great workspace in a small-sized kitchen.

12. Hanging Balcony Table

source: majsterkowo

If you have a small balcony but still want to enjoy a coffee or dinner outside, a hanging balcony table is the perfect solution.

13. Hidden Built-Ins

A nook under the staircase is the perfect spot for storage built-ins. How genius is that?

14. Room Divider

If you live in a bachelor or studio apartment and don’t want guests to see your sleeping space, a curtain rod and some drapes will take care of it.