8 Signs That Could Indicate It’s Time To End Your Marriage

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Marriage is no cakewalk. Being in a committed relationship takes a ton of communication, respect, and effort. While rough patches are normal in all marriages, it’s important to recognize when a rough patch has taken over the marriage. Here are eight signs that could indicate the time has come to end your marriage and move on.

1. Lack Of Trust

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While trust is something that is gained over time, a loss of trust can unravel a marriage. There are many ways to work through trust issues, but if one or both parties can’t move past them, it’s probably better to part ways.

2. Lack Of Respect

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We all say unpleasant things to our spouses from time to time that we regret. However, if there is a lack of respect from one or both people in the marriage, what is the point of continuing the relationship? Respect is the basis of all relationships, and if you don’t have or display it, the marriage isn’t worth it.

3. Infidelity

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This one probably isn’t much of a surprise. If you or your partner are seeking sexual or emotional intimacy outside of your marriage, your relationship has run its course.

4. Financial Issues

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Money is the main culprit for splitting up marriages. If you or your partner is controlling about money and you can’t seem to agree on your financial situation, this is something you likely won’t be able to work past.

5. Distant Mental State

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If you find that you or your partner seems distant or like they just don’t care anymore, that isn’t a good sign. In order for a marriage to work, both parties need to put in an equal amount of effort and truly want to work through issues.

6. Not Letting Go Of The Past

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Marriages are never perfect, and both partners will hold certain resentments against each other at certain points in time. But if you can’t let go of these resentments or other things from the past, there’s probably not much hope of resolving them.

7. Children Taking Notice

source: Focus on the Family

If your children have brought up that you and your partner seem to fight a lot, or ask if you are getting a divorce, your marriage issues are probably more serious than you think. Staying in an unhappy marriage doesn’t benefit your children – it only hurts them.

8. Mental And Physical Abuse

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If your partner is constantly putting you down, is controlling, or demonstrates physical violence towards you, you need to leave the marriage as soon as you safely can. Find a safe place to stay during the separation, and consult with a lawyer as soon as possible. If you need assistance or advice about escaping an abusive relationship, contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).