According To Science, Women Like Their Friends More Than Their Husbands

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Marriage is generally a wonderful thing, and the bond shared by a woman and her husband can be truly amazing. As much as I adore my own husband, the relationships I have with my best friends are indescribable. Curiously enough, a recent study has revealed that the majority of women would prefer to spend time with their friends rather than with their husbands.

source: GoodToKnow

Champneys Health Spa interviewed 1,517 women throughout the United Kingdom. Over 50% of the women involved in the study revealed that they prefer time with their friends over time with their husbands. Here are the percentage of women behind each of the following reasons:

We can talk about everything (57%).

She listens more (45%).

I can tell her things I could not tell my partner (44%).

We enjoy the same things (41%).

We laugh until we cry (39%).

I can truly be myself (29%).

She offers better advice (28%).

She is less irritating (26%).

We have much more in common (25%).

She has a better sense of humor (19%).

We go wild when we’re together (18%).

source: The Beat 92.5

Funnily enough, 60% of women involved in the study revealed that they always have a better time if no men are present whatsoever. While the findings of this study don’t necessarily mean that all women despise their husbands and they should all be single, it does provide some interesting insight into how women regard their time with their husbands verses how women regard their time with their female friends. Can you relate?!