7 Restaurant Hacks To Bring Into Your Own Kitchen

source: Alex Shultz/Flickr

Going out for meals has always been one of my favorite pastimes. However, it always frustrates me that I know I can’t make food that tastes the same as some of my favorite restaurants. Fortunately, there are some insider restaurant tips that you can easily practice in your own kitchen – and they’re extremely helpful!

1. Taste As You Go

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This is one of the most important rules in cooking – always taste as you go. Each time you add a new spice or ingredient into the dish you’re making, taste test it to ensure you’re not adding too much of one flavor (or not enough).

2. Reserve Your Pasta Water

source: Taste of Home / Shutterstock

Never toss out the starch-filled water your pasta has been cooking in! Reserve some of the water to add to your sauce. Not only does this starch-infused water thicken the sauce, but it also helps the sauce stick better to the pasta.

3. Cook With Cast Iron

source: Taste of the South

Yes, non-stick pans are convenient. But cast iron pans will make your food taste better. Cooking in cast iron better distributes heat, gives your food a perfectly cooked exterior, and adds delicious seasoning to your food.

4. Pre-heat Dishware

source: Simply Recipes/Elise Bauer

Nothing ruins a delicious meal like cold food. A restaurant tip for ensuring your food remains hot? Put your oven-safe dishware in the oven for a few minutes prior to plating and serving.

5. Flour-coat Bacon

source: Baconeers / Reddit

This may sound odd, but lightly coating your bacon in flour will give it the crispiest, crunchiest, most delicious taste. Trust me!

6. Invest In Quality Knives

source: Wirecutter/Michael Hession

Purchasing good-quality knives is a worthwhile investment and will make all the difference in your cooking. Start building your collection with a classic chef’s knife, large serrated knife, and smaller paring knife.

7. Stick To Tongs

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You’ll rarely see a professional chef using a large, clumsy spoon or spatula. A set of tongs is the quickest, easiest, and most efficient tool when it comes to cooking.

There you have it: seven restaurant tips for mastering the art of cooking, and making chef-inspired, delicious food. Enjoy!