7 Reasons To Start Growing Chives In The Garden

source: The Old Farmer's Almanac | Pixabay

Chives are a seriously underrated herb, if you asked me. A relative of onions and garlic, chives have a delicious taste that adds unique flavor to a number of dishes. In addition to their use in the kitchen, there are many other benefits to growing chives as well! Here are seven reasons to consider growing chives in your garden this year.

1. Pest Repellent

source: Organic Gardener | Penny Woodward

Interestingly enough, pests (specifically Japanese beetles and aphids) detest the smell of chives. Planting them among your other plants can help keep harmful pests from damaging them.

2. Health Boost

source: Foodal | Adobe Stock

Like onions and garlic, chives promote multiple health benefits. They can assist in the maintenance of a healthy heart and also lower blood pressure.

3. Attract Pollinators

source: Keeping Backyard Bees

We all know how important pollination is when it comes to growing big, healthy produce and plants. Planting chives will attract pollinators like bees and butterflies to your garden.

4. Attract (Helpful) Predators

source: The University of Melbourne via Flickr/Yunhyok Choi

Now, when I say predators, I don’t mean planting chives in your garden will attract bears or wolves. Insects like wasps and ladybugs, which prey on harmful pests like aphids, will be attracted to chives.

5. Healthy Fruit Trees

source: Gardener’s Path

If you have fruit trees that produce fruit covered in scabs, plant chives at their base! Chives have been shown to help prevent fruit scab.

6. They’re Pretty!

source: Gourmet Sweet Botanicals

Although chives themselves aren’t exactly stunning, the purple flowers they produce certainly are. Chives can actually make for a beautiful flower arrangement!

7. Excellent Garnish

source: Food Network

And last but not least, chives are an excellent garnish that will add great flavor to roasted vegetables, meat dishes, salads, soups, omelettes, and much more.

Hopefully now that you know more about the wonders of chives, you’ll consider planting this powerful little herb in your garden this year!