Why You Should Never, Ever Pour Rice Water Down The Drain

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When you’re making rice and have water left over, you probably just pour it down the drain, right? If you do, you might want to consider stopping! Rice water offers many beauty benefits that most people don’t know about, but you’re about to after reading this!

source: IdeaHacks

According to Medical News Today, the starchy water that remains after you cook rice contains amino acids, B vitamins, vitamin E, minerals, and antioxidants. Many women in Japan, China, and Southeast Asia have been using rice water as a hair treatment for centuries. It’s said that rice water can detangle hair, make hair smoother, increase shine, make hair stronger, and help hair grow longer.

A writer at Bustle named Courtney Leiva decided to try washing her face with rice water for a week, and wished she’d tried this trick sooner. Rice water has both brightening and anti-inflammatory properties for skin. Courtney revealed that the rice water felt gentle and mild on her skin, and left her face feeling soft and matte, even when she applied a full face of makeup.

source: DIY Health Tips

It’s also believed that rice water can help target acne, ease the pain of a sunburn, and treat aging or damaged skin. So if you want to try out some of these beauty hacks for yourself, conserve your rice water, let it completely cool, and see if it provides any positive benefits to your beauty routine!