How To Make Practically Perfect 3-Ingredient Sugar Cookies

source: YouTube/joyceyvonna

If you have access to butter, flour, and sugar, you can basically make any type of dessert on the planet. I always have a generous supply of these three ingredients in my home because I seem to use them almost daily. And it turns out that with just these three ingredients, you can make a delicious sugar cookie recipe that will trick everyone into thinking you slaved away in the kitchen making them.

source: Joycey Vonna

Joycey Vonna is the brains behind this delightful recipe, and it’s honestly so simple, you’ll wish you’d known about it sooner. This recipe makes 25 to 30 short, buttery sugar cookies. This is the type of cookie that’s perfect for eating with tea or coffee as a morning snack. I think I’ll make these cookies the next time I’m expecting overnight guests. They’ll think they’re waking up in an English bed and breakfast!

source: Joycey Vonna

All you have to do is mix together the three ingredients until they form a crumby dough, then knead and shape the dough into a long rectangle. After the dough firms up in the fridge for about 30 minutes, you can use either a sharp knife or dental floss to slice the dough into thick squares. Then, you’re ready to bake! Check out the video below to see this recipe unfold.

Click here for the full recipe. Thanks so much for sharing this simple yet good one, Joycey Vonna! This feels like one of those easy yet treasured recipes that floats through a family for generations. Happy baking!