Dr. Anthony Balduzzi Reveals 3 Old-School Cold Remedies That Truly Work

source: CBS Tampa

The arrival of winter tends to mean the arrival of cold and flu season. And although some medications may help alleviate some of your symptoms, there are some natural remedies that tend to be even more effective. Dr. Anthony Balduzzi has shared three doctor-approved, old-school remedies that can help you fight off your cold or flu.

source: Australian Journal of Pharmacy

1. Wet Sock Treatment

source: The Little Backyard Farm

Start with 2 pairs of wool socks – 1 pair stays dry, 1 pair takes a swim in an ice bath. Put the ice-cold socks on. Put the dry sock over the cold sock. The cold constricts your blood vessels, while the dry ones heat up your feet. The combination creates a pumping action in your circulation system. This boosts your immune system naturally and flushes out congestion. Put them on before bed and leave them on overnight.

2. No-Cook Homemade Cough Syrup

source: Step to Health

Made of 3 ingredients: honey, garlic and onions. Dice the onion and add it to a mason jar. Then add minced garlic and top with honey. Leave this to steep in the fridge overnight. The ingredients are anti-microbial on both viruses and bacteria.

3. Green Ginger Tea

source: A Lady Goes West

Tea can be medicinal and the ginger can help with nausea. Add fresh sage leaves for a supercharged tea. The sage and green tea leaves are antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral.