How To Naturally Remove Weeds Growing Between Patio Stones

source: Empress of Dirt

I really love to garden, but I don’t love the tedious, backbreaking job of pulling weeds. Just when I think I’ve gotten a weed by the roots and it won’t be back, it pops back up a few days later. Fortunately, I’ve discovered a way more effective solution for getting rid of weeds – and it also happens to be 100% natural.

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After scouring the internet and reading reviews, it appears that the most effective natural solution for targeting weeds is a combination of distilled vinegar, epsom salt, and liquid dish soap. Mix together 14 to 16 cups of the vinegar, two cups of epsom salt, and 1/4 cup of liquid dish soap. If you don’t have a huge number of weeds to take care of, simply divide the recipe into smaller quantities.

source: Mom Knows Best

Transfer the solution to a weed sprayer. Spray the solution directly onto any weeds you wish to remove. If you are using the sprayer in your garden, be sure to steer clear of any other plants, as this solution will kill them, too. Be sure to spray on a hot, sunny day when rain is not in the forecast, as it will wash away the solution and make it less effective.

source: The Kitchen Garten

After a day or two, the weeds will be dead, and the epsom salt works to ensure they won’t grow back. You should be able to easily dig or sweep up the weeds, and you’ll be left with patio stones and a garden free of weeds. In my opinion, why pay for expensive weed-removal services or use harsh, chemical-filled weed solutions when a natural version is just as effective? My thoughts exactly!