6 Things Moms Who’ve Had A C-Section Want You To Know

source: Unity Point Health

Childbirth is a tough, beautiful thing, no matter the way in which you deliver. Although vaginal births are considered the “norm,” deliveries via C-section happen each and every day. There are multiple different reasons as to why women undergo C-sections, most of which are related to the positioning of the baby and complications during labor. C-section births are just as normal and important as vaginal births — and these are 6 things mothers who have had a C-section want you to know about them.

1. Having A C-Section Isn’t Taking The Easy Way Out

source: Today Show

Vaginal births can be a struggle, but having a C-section isn’t particularly easy. A C-section is major surgery, and it comes with its own set of risks. Many women are awake during their C-sections, and the process can be extremely frightening for some.

2. C-Sections Require A Lot Of Recovery Time

source: Healthline

The majority of women recover from a vaginal birth in just a few days. But women who have had a C-section are often required to limit their movement for months, and can have difficulty feeding and holding their own babies. Even when the surgery scar heals, many women report feeling tender around that area for up to a year.

3. C-Sections Can Bring About Mixed Emotions

source: Scary Mommy

Many women who undergo a C-section had planned on having a vaginal birth, but complications or other factors made a C-section become necessary at the last second. This can result in many mixed emotions for mothers who are ecstatic at the arrival of their new baby, but are sad, mad, or frustrated that their birth didn’t go according to plan.

4. C-Section Scars Are A Sign Of Strength, Not A Flaw

source: HealthGoesUp

Initially, many women who have a C-section are nervous about the thought of seeing a big scar on their abdomens forever. However, scars fade, and the fact that new life emerged as a result of that scar makes them a sign of strength, not a flaw.

5. A C-Section Doesn’t Affect The Bond With A New Baby

source: Mom.me

Whether you’ve delivered your baby vaginally or via C-section really doesn’t matter. When you start holding, interacting with, and loving your baby, a strong bond will form, no matter what the delivery process was like.

6. Negative Opinions Aren’t Necessary

source: Healthy New Moms

Childbirth is a glorious thing, and all mothers should support one another. Whether a mom has had a vaginal birth or a C-section, they are all strong, resilient women responsible for cultivating new life.