Mom Sparks Big Debate Over Her Son’s Cell Phone Use At A Restaurant

source: Facebook/Kristina Kuzmic

Maybe this is me being judgmental, but I always cringe when I see children in restaurants zoned out with an iPhone or iPad in front of them. My husband and I have always placed importance on limiting our kids’ screen time, and I feel like they’re healthier, more active, and more focused as a result. However, I also understand that every parent does things differently, and it’s not our place to impose our opinions onto them — which is the point this mom was trying to make when she posted this photo.

That’s my kid, staring at a screen during our dinner out with my mother-in-law last night. I’m 100% sure there are…

Posted by Kristina Kuzmic on Saturday, January 5, 2019

Blogger Kristina Kuzmic posted a photo of her young son watching a movie on a smartphone while sitting at a restaurant table. “That’s my kid, staring at a screen during our dinner out with my mother-in-law last night. I’m 100% sure there are people who judge this behavior. I’m also 100% sure this behavior won’t turn my kid into a monster or a failure or a convicted criminal,” she wrote.

Kuzmic continued that her older two kids never looked at a screen while out at a restaurant, simply because those kinds of technology didn’t exist back then. However, Kuzmic feels that her other two kids aren’t superior to her youngest because of it. She explained that although her young son quietly watched a movie on the phone during dinner, he was able to interact with staff members, order his own meal, and make eye contact while doing so. Kuzmic also explained that she was able to enjoy a lovely dinner chatting with her mother-in-law.

source: eKAVACH

“Your sanity is more valuable than other people’s opinions,” continued Kuzmic. “And for those who are choosing to waste their life judging others: mind your own motherhood!” Regardless of whether or not you agree with children being able to use technology at the dinner table, Kuzmic’s post does raise an important point: We should be mindful that we’re not judging other parents’ choices in regards to raising their children, as we would also appreciate not being on the other side of that judgement.