Paint Fake Tiles On The Floor For A Complete And Cheap Bathroom Transformation

source: Livin' the Life of Riley

It’s so easy to dream about doing endless home improvement projects. However, renovations can be extremely expensive, and they’re not always in the budget for all homeowners. However, this creative mom brainstormed an amazing DIY project that totally transformed her bathroom floor without breaking the bank.

Susanna of the blog Livin’ the Life Of Riley explained that she saw a photo of some gorgeous bathroom floor tile on Instagram. She immediately fell in love with the tile, but knew that retiling their bathroom floor wasn’t a financial option. And so, Susanna took to Pinterest and discovered that she could paint her tile instead!

source: Livin’ the Life of Riley

With some paint, stencils, and a bit of elbow grease, Susanna was able to get the exact flooring she wanted while spending a fraction of the price. Check out her instructional video below to see how she tackled this creative and chic project.