Why You Shouldn’t Throw Out Those Mesh Produce Bags

source: The Kitchn / Phoyo by Joe Lingeman

You know those plastic mesh produce bags that bulk fruit and vegetables come in? You probably just toss them in the garbage when you get home (if you do, you should always cut them up first so they don’t get trapped around wildlife!). But it turns out that these mesh produce bags can actually be used for an awesome, super easy DIY project for kitchen scrubbies by Common Sense Home!

source: Tips and Tricks


Step 1: Collect your produce bags. You’ll need three or four bags for this project.

source: Common Sense Home

Step 2: Cut the ends off the produce bags.

Step 3: Roll up three of the mesh bags into a donut shape. Set aside the bag that’s in the best condition for the outside of the scrubbie.

source: Common Sense Home

Step 4: Knot the end of the exterior bag and fill it with the three rolled-up bags.

Step 5: Knot the exterior bag again, and your kitchen scrubbie is complete!

source: Common Sense Home

Click here for more detailed instructions and step-by-step photos.