How To Make Wonderfully Cooked Fried Eggs

source: YouTube/Kitchen Basics

You may think that something as simple as fried eggs is, well, extremely simple to make. However, the egg whites can stick to the pan, the yolks can break or cook through completely, and suddenly your “easy” breakfast has turned into a not-so-great one. However, this genius tip will ensure that your fried eggs are perfect — every single time.

The first thing you need to do is separate two egg yolks from two egg whites (or however many eggs you want to cook). You’ll need two separate bowls for each egg white, and two separate bowls for each egg yolk. Next, grease a frying pan with a generous amount of olive oil and turn the element on to medium-low heat.

Once the pan is warm, carefully pour each egg white onto either side of the pan. Once the whites start cooking and slightly bubbling, carefully place each egg yolk on each egg white. Cook for a few more minutes before sprinkling with salt and pepper.

When your egg whites are bubbling and cooked all the way through, it’s time to remove them from the pan and dig in! Separating the yolks from the whites ensures that nothing sticks, and that the yolks remain perfectly soft and intact — so you can dip your toast in them! Pretty smart, right? To see this method in action, watch the video below.