20 Kitchen Ideas That Are Anything But Ordinary

sources: Log Home Living / Better Homes and Gardens

When it comes to the kitchens on this list, you’re probably either going to love them or hate them — with no in between. Some of these kitchens are seriously eccentric, while others are definitely a product of the homeowners’ personalities. So go on and take a scroll through, then let us know which ones are your most and least favorites!

1. Open-Air Windows

It would be an absolute dream to have windows like this that fully open. It would really make you feel like you’re outside, even while doing the dishes! The only thing that could make this unique feature even better would be a view of a garden or country field. Sigh.

2. Corner Coffee/Wine Bar

Whatever your poison, this corner cubby has got you covered. If you have a free corner near your kitchen or living room, a little storage area like this one is practical and aesthetically pleasing. Plus, it frees up valuable counter space in your actual kitchen.

3. 100% Rustic

If your home decor style is more rustic than chic, chances are you’ll love this barn-inspired kitchen. It’s got barn board, it’s got rusted tin backsplash, and it’s got antique-looking fixtures. Looks like a cowboy’s dream!

4. Super Traditional

With the mixture of cream and dark cabinets, this traditional kitchen is pretty gorgeous. Although the backsplash, countertops, and flooring make this kitchen a little on the heavy side, it has a beautiful design, tons of storage, and some great lighting.

5. Double-Paneled Stove

This is definitely what we like to call a “chef’s kitchen.” Have you ever seen a double-paneled stove before? Just look at all of the storage this one features. Plus, this stove is blue. You don’t see blue stoves very often, do you?

6. Bright And Airy

This is a dream kitchen for anyone who loves neutral colours, natural light, and a mixture of modern and traditional. The painted pine ceiling gives this kitchen a bit of a cottage vibe, while the marble countertops lend it a modern feel.

7. Candy Apple Retro

If you looked up “retro” in the dictionary, I’m pretty sure you’d find this picture. Between the red linoleum, red stove, and polka dot curtains, this kitchen is straight out of the ‘50s. The white walls and cupboards balance out the red, but it’s still a lot of colour.

source: Old House Online / Photo courtesy of Gross & Daley

8. Breakfast Bar And Island

It’s not too often that you see a breakfast bar this big and an island. It seems a little bit crowded for the space, but there’s tons of seating and room for cooking preparations. The light fixtures seem a bit random, but to each their own!

9. Storage Galore

You wouldn’t have to worry about cluttered countertops with this variety of drawers. Long, vertical drawers on either side of the oven are perfect for storing spices and other commonly used cooking ingredients. A drawer with a built-in knife block is another great idea.

10. Green With Envy

This is definitely a kitchen that you’ll either love or hate. In my humble opinion, these mint green cupboards and island are to die for. They balanced out this bold colour choice by choosing neutral wood flooring and grey countertops.

11. Exposed Beams And Vaulted Ceilings

Exposed wood beams are a great way to add something unique to a kitchen. Pair them with vaulted ceilings (which gives the impression that the room is taller than it truly is) and your kitchen is a sight to behold. This entire kitchen is pretty neutral, but it still manages to look different.

12. Too Big, Or Just Right?

This kitchen is so massive, it almost feels like a bowling alley. I’m not sure what one would need all of this space for. I’m also a little bit confused as to what that semicircular section of the island is for. This kitchen is super bizarre, but definitely intriguing.

13. Country Cute

This shabby-chic kitchen would be the perfect look for anyone living in a farmhouse with lots of character. The wood countertops make this room look warm and inviting, while the caged lights give it a bit of an industrial feel.

14. Drawers On Drawers

Firstly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an island this long and skinny before. Although the design is a little odd, they’ve created tons of storage with the tiered drawers. If you don’t love modern design, then this kitchen probably isn’t for you.

15. Upholstered Cupboards?

I have a lot of questions. Who in their right mind would ever want their kitchen cupboards to resemble a bejeweled, pleather couch? I sincerely hope whoever designed this kitchen is no longer in business, because this is basically an interior design crime.

16. Log Cabin, Or Log Castle?

No one can deny that this kitchen features a whole lot of wood. Don’t get me wrong — the craftsmanship here is incredible. It just kind of feels like we’re back in the Medieval Ages, and I don’t know if that’s a good thing. What do you think?

17. Back In The Stone Age

I’m all for stone in homes, but this is a ton of stone. Between the arch, walls, and pebbled backsplash, they must have bought out an entire quarry just to design this kitchen. Although I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan, I am envious of that beautiful oven.

18. Outdoor Kitchen

Anyone else wish they had an outdoor kitchen? Or perhaps, you might even be lucky enough to already have one. Whatever the case, outdoor kitchens are perfect for warm weather entertaining. This one truly has everything an indoor kitchen has, and I imagine it gets a ton of use.

19. Cream Cabinets

How do you feel about these cream, natural-looking cabinets? Although this is a lot of one color, the multicolored backsplash breaks things up a bit. No matter your opinion on this kitchen, I think we can all agree that double ovens are a dream.

20. Real-Life Log Cabin

Now this is a log cabin. Check out those beams! And the stone façade of the breakfast bar was an interesting touch. You’d have to totally embrace the log cabin style if you were to live in this home. Could you do it?

source: Archzine