10 Great Ideas For Decorating Fences, Decks, And Gates

sources: Fence & Deck Supply / The micro gardener | Ciera Design

The outdoor elements of your home make up everyone’s first impression of your place. So, why not make them look as beautiful as possible? There are many inexpensive ways to spruce up your fences, decks, and gates in a beautiful way. Here are 10 great ideas to get you started!

1. Birdhouses

source: The Home Depot

How adorable is this? Fasten a variety of birdhouses to your fence for a whimsical backyard vibe.

2. Planter Boxes

source: The Suburban Urbanist

Some simple cedar planter boxes filled with flowers can really transform a boring fence into a beautiful one.

3. Old Bicycle

source: Fence & Deck Supply | The micro gardener

This is one of my favorite fence ideas! While a rusty old bicycle may be someone else’s trash, it can easily be turned into treasure by fastening it to the fence and using it for planters and climbing vines.

4. String Lights

source: Houzz/Light Up Nashville

A simple way to bring some ambiance into your backyard? String lights, of course!

5. Gate Insert

source: Rona

A decorative metal gate insert is easy to install and is a simple way to add some detail to an otherwise boring wooden gate.

6. Deck Decorating

source: Small Stuff Counts

It’s actually quite easy to bring some warmth and color to your deck or patio! Layering patio furniture with an outdoor rug, patterned throw cushions, and potted flowers can make a huge difference.

7. Vertical Can Garden

source: Ciera Design

This is such an awesome DIY! Paint tin cans your favorite color and fasten them to your fence to be used as little flower pots. Love it!

8. Old Windows & Shutters

source: Empress of Dirt

If you ever see old windows or shutters at a flea market or sitting on the side of the road, scoop them up! They make for beautiful antique fence decorations.

9. DIY Garden Trellis

source: Reposhture

Propping up a trellis against your fence is a great way to encourage a climbing vine to decorate it. But, you don’t need to spend a fortune buying a trellis – you can simply repurpose an old crib rail!

10. Flower Pots

source: By Brittany Goldwyn

Fastening flower pots to a fence is a simple way to add some charm to your fence. Whether you choose to paint the pots or leave them as is, it’s a great way to incorporate more flowers into your outdoor spaces.

Hopefully these simple, inexpensive, yet beautiful ideas have given you some inspiration for decorating your fence, deck, and gate this summer. I know I certainly have a few projects I’m eager to get started on!