How To Freeze Avocados So That You Always Have Some On Hand

source: YouTube/Jodi Brown

Avocados are rather tricky. It seems like every time I buy them, they’re not even close to ripe or go bad within a day. Avocados also tend to be fairly expensive, so having them go bad on you is even more disappointing! Thankfully, avocados can be easily frozen so that you have perfectly ripe avocados whenever you want.

Jodi Brown reveals that to properly freeze avocados, simply slice them lengthwise and remove the pit. Arrange the halved avocados on a cookie sheet in a single layer, and place the entire cookie sheet in the freezer. Jodi suggests freezing them overnight, although a few hours is likely fine, too.

source: Mother Nature Network / Shutterstock

Next, remove the individual frozen avocados with a spatula and put them in a sealable bag. Freezing the avocados on the baking sheet before moving them to the bag will ensure they don’t freeze together in one giant clump. When you need an avocado for something, just take one out of the bag before putting it back in the freezer! You can either thaw the avocado (if you’re making guacamole, for instance), or stick the frozen avocado right in the blender for a smoothie.

Want to see Jodi’s method for freezing avocados in action? Check out her video below!