12 Home Improvement Hacks That Will Make Your House Stylish And Organized

sources: One Kings Lane / ThriftyFun

If you’re a home owner (or even a renter), you’re probably always looking for ways to make your home neater, more functional, and more stylish. Thankfully, there are a ton of great home improvement hacks floating around the internet that can help you achieve these goals. We’ve compiled 12 of the best ones!

1. Cutting Board/Garbage

How genius is this slide-out cutting board and garbage? With this project, you can easily transfer vegetable skins, etc. straight into the trash. Click here for the info on this DIY project.

2. Ironing Board Hanger

To hang up an ironing board in a small space, just install two coat hangers! Pretty simple, right?

3. DIY Key Hider

source: Thrifty Fun

With an empty pill bottle, some glue, and a rock or pinecone, you can easily hide a spare key outside. Click here for this clever tutorial.

4. Car Door Protector

source: wikiHow

To prevent your car door from swinging open and hitting the wall of your garage, you can install pool noodles as “bumpers.” Click here for the simple step-by-step.

5. Shower Storage

source: Wonder How To / Sassy Suggestions

Use an adjustable shower curtain rod to create extra storage space in your shower for bath products, children’s toys, etc. Click here for the simple tutorial.

6. Shoe Box Organization

source: DecorPad

To determine exactly where each pair of your shoes is, take Polaroids and attach them to the side of each shoe box. That way, you won’t have to rip apart your closet to locate a certain pair.

7. Mason Jar Organizer

To keep clutter off of countertops and out of drawers, why not make this pretty mason jar organizer? Click here for the list of instructions.

8. Hang Pants

Instead of dealing with a tumbling tower of folded pants, you can use S hooks or shower curtain hooks to hang them. Your closet will look so much nicer!

9. Medicine Cabinet Storage

Clean up your bathroom cupboards by storing medicine and other products in labeled craft bins. Click here to learn more about this project.

10. Pegboards

Whether you’re dealing with a kitchen, bathroom, or office, pegboards are great for hanging multiple items in a small amount of space. The best part about pegboards is that you can move around all of the hooks to accommodate your things.

11. Electronics Storage

To keep iPads and other electronics in one neat place, use an inexpensive plate holder to store them. You can also make this the designated charging station so that cords and devices aren’t littered across your tables and countertops.

12. Hide The Thermostat

Thermostats can really affect the aesthetic of the wall they’re on. To hide them, all you have to do is install a hinged painting. Click here to see this clever tutorial.