14 Genius Ways To Use Fruit And Vegetable Peels

sources: 5 Orange Potatoes / Riverside 247 / The Krazy Coupon Lady

Looking to save money and reduce your food waste? If so, stop throwing away your fruit rinds and vegetable peels! There are so many ways to use these natural products that will make certain aspects of your daily life cheaper and easier. After reading this list, we’re willing to bet you won’t be tossing your peels from here on out!

1. Keep Brown Sugar Soft

While some people will put a clay disk in their brown sugar bag to keep it soft, an orange rind works just as well!

2. Vegetable Stock

source: Savory Lotus

Looking to make your own vegetable stock? While veggie scraps are essential, vegetable peels will also give your stock some great flavor. Just pop your scraps and peels into boiling water and let it steep before removing them.

3. Descale A Kettle

source: Evoke Kitchens

We all know how kettles can become covered in that scaly buildup over time. To clean and descale your kettle, throw some lemon peels directly in the kettle along with water. Boil the solution, then dump out the water and peels afterwards.

4. Eggplant Skins Snack

source: Minimalist Baker

Did you know that the skin of an eggplant is packed with nutrients and antioxidants? You can toss the skins in olive oil and whatever spices you like before baking them in the oven. You’ll be left with a crispy snack you won’t feel guilty for eating!

5. Apple Peel Skin Treatment

source: Birth and Beyond Magazine / food on fifth

Apple skins are filled with vitamins A, C, and E. Simply rub the inside part of the apple peel onto your skin. Let it sit for five minutes before rinsing and patting your skin dry. Your skin will be left feeling smooth and soft.

6. Stop The Itch

source: Farmers’ Almanac / iStock

Did you know that garlic and onion skins contain anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties? If you have an itchy bug bite, hold the filmy part of the skin onto the area in question for five minutes before rinsing.

7. Homemade Tea

source: SnapGuide

By steeping fruit peels in boiling water, you can make your very own nutrient-rich tea!

8. Deter Bugs

source: YouTube/Bright Side / Shutterstock

To keep bugs away from your outdoor spaces this summer, sprinkle some lemon or orange zest throughout your garden! Bugs don’t like the strong, citrusy smell and they’ll be more inclined to stay away.

9. Eliminate Puffy Eyes

source: wikiHow

If you wake up in the morning with puffy, tired-looking eyes, hold some potato skins under your eyes. You can put them in the fridge beforehand for some extra de-puffing power.

10. Stuffed Sweet Potato Skins

source: Ambitious Kitchen

Sweet potato skins are highly nutritious, and they taste amazing when stuffed with a bunch of other great ingredients! Click here for a list of awesome stuffed sweet potato skins recipes.

11. Apple Peel Jelly

source: Making Cents Matter

If you have apple peels leftover from making applesauce or apple pie, keep them! Click here for a simple yet delicious apple peel jelly recipe.

12. Eliminate Water Stains

source: Riverside 247 / The Krazy Coupon Lady

If your stainless steel sink is dotted with water stains, use the inside part of an orange peel to wipe them away.

13. All-Natural Cleaner

source: H2O Bungalow

Place some citrus rinds in a jar, then fill the jar with distilled vinegar. Transfer the solution to a spray bottle after a week or so. You’ll be left with an all-natural, all-purpose cleaner that can be used on multiple surfaces throughout your home.

14. Compost

source: Dirt Cheap / iStock

If all else fails and you don’t use fruit or veggie skins for anything else on this list, compost them! When the skins break down, they’ll create a nutrient-rich soil that will help your garden to thrive.