Study Reveals There Are 4 Main Personality Types — Which One Are You?

source: The Sydney Morning Herald

The more people you meet, the more personality types you encounter. Although every person is unique, a recent study has grouped people into four main personality types. William Revelle, professor of psychology at Northwestern University, said, “People have tried to classify personality types since Hippocrates’s time, but previous scientific literature has found that to be nonsense. Now, this data shows there are higher densities of certain personality types.”

Here are the four “clusters” of personality types:

1. Average

source: The Motley Fool

This is the most common personality type. Average people are high in neuroticism and extraversion, but are low in openness.

2. Reserved

source: Zodiac Fire

Reserved people are emotionally stable, but are not very open.

3. Role Models

source: Charisma Magazine

Role models are classic leaders who are low in neuroticism and high in other traits.

4. Self-Centered

source: AskOpinion

Self-centered people are high in extraversion, but are low in traits like openness, agreeability, and conscientiousness.

What do you think about these four personality clusters? Which one do you most closely identify with?