The Old-School $2 Bar Soap My Mom Swears Gets Any Stain Out

source: The Frugal Navy Wife

I have yet to find a stain remover that really works. We live on a farm, so mud, grass stains, and red wine (consumed from the stress of owning a farm) are constants in my laundry pile. However, as many of us know, some of the best cleaning products are the super simple, super old-school ones. I have recently heard chatter of people saying Fels-Naptha soap is a miracle worker, and the proof lies in how long this product has been around for.

source: Original Homesteading

Launched by Fels & Company all the way back in 1893, this bar of soap formerly contained naptha, a highly flammable, cancer-causing chemical more commonly known as benzene. When the soap was sold to Fels-Naptha in 1964, the benzene was removed. The soap is now owned by Purex, but is still just as effective as it was more than 125 years ago.

source: New York Magazine

To remove stubborn stains, all you need to do is apply some water to the area in question so that the fabric is damp. Next, scrub the bar of soap over the stain until suds appear. If you’re dealing with an especially stubborn or small stain, using a toothbrush or small scrub brush can help work the soap in. Let it sit for about 10 minutes, then wash normally.

source: Hip 2 Save

Fels-Naptha soap is also used in many homemade laundry detergents, as well as household cleaners. Plus, at the extremely affordable cost of about $2 per bar, it’s one of those products that you can buy over and over again without breaking the bank. Though there have been many improvements in cleaning products over the years, sometimes the old-school ones like this just work the best!