8 Tips To Keep In Mind When Shopping At The Dollar Store

source: Northern Express

Have you ever walked into the dollar store with a few things in mind, and all of a sudden it’s been an hour and you’ve racked up a massive bill? This is all too easy at the dollar store, and unfortunately, a lot of the time, you’re walking out with items you could’ve found for less elsewhere. If you’re a frequent dollar store shopper, here are 8 tips to keep in mind before walking through the door.

1. Use A List

source: Bustle

Before venturing to the dollar store, make a list of the things you are planning to buy. If you stick to your list, you won’t end up buying a bunch of junk you don’t need.

2. Seasonal Decor

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If you hit up the dollar store a month or two before a calendar holiday, you’ll still have your pick of seasonal decor items. The earlier you go, the more stock they will have and the cheaper things will be (unless you wait until the post-holiday markdowns, that is).

3. The Basics

source: Hatfield Homestead

The dollar store is the perfect place to stock up on household basics like cleaning supplies, garbage bags, wrapping paper, etc. These products will generally be way less expensive at the dollar store than at all other stores.

4. Food

source: Country Living Magazine

The dollar store isn’t a bad place to stock up on food items like crackers, soup, cereal, gum, and other non-perishable items. When it comes to food at the dollar store, just make sure you always check the expiration date.

5. Don’t Buy Medicine

source: Evidently Cochrane / depositphotos.com

When it comes to medicine, you should always buy it from a pharmacy as opposed to the dollar store. Dollar store medication is often ineffective, improperly labeled, or sometimes even counterfeit.

6. Stay Away From Electrical Items

source: SparkFun

It’s not a great idea to buy anything with an electric plug from the dollar store. These items are often not up to safety standards, and can die extremely quickly.

7. Storage Containers

The best place to buy bins, baskets, and other storage containers is definitely the dollar store. They’re only a buck or two, whereas other retailers will sell them for way more.

8. Winter Accessories

The dollar store is actually a great place to buy winter accessories like hats, gloves, scarves, and the like. If you have children who outgrow their gear every year, then you should especially hit up the dollar store for these items.