How To Build Your Own Backyard Bowling Alley

source: Imgur

If you enjoy spending lots of time in your backyard, you’re probably always looking for ways to make the space more fun and exciting. If that’s the case, a DIY bowling alley might be in your future! This would make for a super fun weekend project, and it doesn’t require professional carpentry skills or tons of money.

Imgur user Makgyver87 built their own backyard bowling alley using a bit of wood and a whole lot of creativity! After a couple of rough sketches, a CAD drawing was the first step in seeing this vision come to life.

Next, a trip to the local lumber store!

And yes, the bowling pins even have their own pulley system.

After a bit of trial and error, the backyard bowling alley was born! In addition to having its own pulley system (as you can see from the rope attached to the pins that runs along the fence), the bowling alley also has a convenient side casing where the bowling balls are stored.

Although this project might seem a little complicated, it would be fun to do over a weekend with the help of a handy friend. Plus, you could paint it in whatever colors or designs you want! Having a backyard bowling alley would be so much fun during summer barbecues, backyard parties, or for a family games night. To see the full plans, rough sketches (including measurements), and more pictures, click here.