12 Creative Ways To Use Christmas Lights Throughout The House

sources: ucai club / Shelterness

Christmas lights are the gift that keeps on giving all year ’round! Yes, we use Christmas lights to decorate our trees and the fronts of our houses. But there are many more magical uses for Christmas lights, too! Here they are.

1. Headboard

source: Home BNC / Megdiamond

Why go out and buy a pricey headboard when you can make your own out of string lights? This turns your bedroom into such a magical, unique space.

2. Wall Christmas Tree

source: Shelterness

If you don’t have the space for an actual Christmas tree, you can arrange lights on your wall in the shape of one.

3. Glowing Mason Jars

Putting a string of solar-charged lights in mason jars is such a whimsical, pretty decorating idea.

4. Photo Wall

String up lights on your bedroom wall, then use clothespins to hang meaningful photos from the light strands.

5. Rustic Chandelier

source: Pinterest

For a rustic yet chic “chandelier,” white Christmas lights and some branches from outside are all you need.

6. DIY Projector

source: aciu club

If you have a white wall (or white bed sheet) and some string lights, you can make your own magical movie screen.

7. Light Canopy

source: Treetopia

How amazing would it be to fall asleep under this lit up canopy? So beautiful.

8. Lanterns

source: Pinterest

Some solar powered twinkle lights stuffed in glass lanterns makes for the perfect indoor or outdoor decor piece.

9. Illuminated Mirror

source: 1000 Bulbs

Weaving some twinkling lights around a large, standing mirror is a simple way to transform an entire room.

10. Backyard

source: The Quench

If you like to entertain people in your backyard, stringing up some white Christmas lights will turn your outdoor space into a magical oasis.

11. Reading Nook

source: Pinterest

A white netted canopy from Ikea and some string lights can create a cozy reading nook for kids, teens, and adults alike.

12. Staircase

You won’t have to worry about tripping down your stairs in the dark if you string some Christmas lights around the banister.