What To Cook With Different Types Of Onions

source: YouTube/Chef Buck

Onions – there are just so many different types of them, aren’t there? Whenever I need an onion for a recipe, I tend to grab a white or yellow one, but I’ve never really known which onions I should be using for what. Thankfully, I decided to do some digging. Here is your comprehensive guide for cooking with onions!

1. White Onions

source: Crookham Company

White onions have a slightly stronger flavor than yellow onions, but they’re pretty versatile when it comes to cooking. You can sautée them for many different purposes, or mince them for use in salsa, guacamole, and more.

2. Yellow Onions

source: Michigan State University

You can’t really go wrong with a yellow onion. This is the most versatile of all onion types, and becomes sweeter the longer you cook it for. Yellow onions are great for caramelizing, especially Spanish onions.

3. Sweet Onions

source: 98.3 The Key / iStock

Sweet onions look almost identical to yellow onions, but their flavor is completely different. Sweet onions are perfect for slicing thin and serving raw as a sandwich or burger topping.

4. Red Onions

source: Simply Recipes/Elise Bauer

Red onions have a fairly strong taste, and are commonly served in thin slices in salads. If you prefer a stronger onion taste, red onions also taste delicious on top of burgers.

Check out the video below for a very detailed description of the different types of onions!

Hopefully this little bit of onion wisdom helps to improve your dishes and encourage you to experiment with different flavors. Happy cooking!