Couple’s Converted School Bus Is A Dream Tiny Home On Wheels

source: Instagram/@going_boundless

I feel like more and more, I’m seeing people move out of traditional homes, condos, and apartments in favor of mobile, tiny home living. While tiny home living may not be for everyone, this young couple decided to pack up their stuff, renovate a school bus into a tiny home on wheels, and hit the open road. The design is creative, the finishes are beautiful, and the overall vibe is completely charming! Let’s take a tour, shall we?

This couple drove from Orlando to Miami to pick up their school bus. All in all, the transformation took a year and a half to complete.

And voila! No more trademark yellow school bus paint.

Many hours of hard work later, their transformation was complete! Even their cat seems to be pretty comfortable with the new digs.

Their bedroom area was cleverly designed with storage and laundry built in underneath the loft-style bed.

Even the washroom is a sight to behold! Classic subway tile in the shower and a narrow sink make the room feel spacious and bright.

Narrow, slide-out drawers in the kitchen make for a space-saving pantry solution.

There’s even a cozy work space with a wood stove built into the corner!

There’s even a couch with built-in storage in the “living room” area near the front of the bus.

And this picture was simply too cute not to share! Doesn’t everyone need an orange cat in their life?!

This tiny home/school bus transformation just goes to show that some elbow grease, hard work, and a vision go a long way. Congrats to this young couple, and we wish them all the best on their continued travels!