8 Uses For Soap That Have Nothing To Do With Bathing

source: YouTube/Natural Cures / Flickr

I think it’s safe to assume that all of us have at least one bar of soap in our homes at any given time. Although some people prefer body wash, I’ve always loved using a bar of soap to lather up during a hot shower. I was surprised to learn that soap can actually be used for a ton of different things around the house — I bet these hacks will surprise you, too!

1. Removes Stains

Don’t have a stain remover on hand? No problem. Just rub a bar of soap over the stain in question a few separate times before tossing it in the washing machine.

2. Soothes Bug Bites

The properties in soap are excellent for soothing sore and itchy bug bites. Slightly dampen a bar of soap, then rub it over the bite.

3. Repels Garden Pests

Did you know that pests absolutely hate Irish Spring soap?! Find out how to use Irish Spring Soap to keep pests from destroying your garden.

4. Eliminates Odors

To keep your closets, drawers, and gym bag smelling fresh, simply stick a bar of soap (left in the packaging) in. Everything will smell clean and fresh.

5. Assists With Hardware

If you’re about to hammer some nails into something, stick them in a bar of soap first. Not only will this make them less squeaky, but it will also make them nail in far easier.

6. Eliminates Squeaking

source: Metaspoon

If you have a squeaking door hinge that’s driving you nuts, rub a bit of dry soap onto the hinge. It will take the squeak right out.

7. Unsticks Zippers

Few things are more annoying than a stuck zipper. Just rub some dry soap along the teeth of the zipper and it should get unstuck in no time.

8. Eliminates Fog

Any scuba divers out there may know this trick! If your glasses are constantly fogging up, carefully rub a tiny bit of dry soap onto the lenses, then clean and buff well with a glasses cloth.