The Easiest, Quickest Way To Clear Your Sinuses Using Just Your Hands

source: YouTube/Heather Wibbels, LMT

When we went on vacation a few months ago, my allergies flared up big time. I assume it was because of the hot, humid air and pollinating plants that we don’t have back home. Regardless of the reasons, I was so congested, my sinuses were on fire, and I was essentially downright miserable. If you have allergies, or are sick and stuffed up, there are fortunately a few exercises that may be able to give your sinuses some relief.

source: Web MD

Licensed massage therapist Heather Wibbels explains that self-lymphatic drainage massage is an effective way to clear out your sinuses. When you’re sick or suffering from allergies, fluid tends to build up along the lymphatic system, which your sinuses are part of. These massage techniques can combat the fluid buildup and bring you some much-needed relief.

Before trying any of these techniques, Heather warns that you should consult with your doctor and not practice them if you have any of the health concerns she lists. Listen to her instructions, and if you’re in the clear, these techniques may be a game-changer the next time you’re dealing with clogged sinuses.