Here’s Why You Should Eat Those Overripe Bananas

source: Facebook/Tsisia Aivazashvili

When you buy bananas and they start to get soft and covered in dark spots, you likely freeze them for banana bread and smoothies, or simply throw them away. Many people can’t stand when bananas get soft, or assume they have gone bad when they start to get spotty. However, when your bananas start looking like this, you shouldn’t toss them! Eating overripe bananas can actually offer multiple health benefits.

source: Delightful Adventures

According to Japanese research, fully ripe bananas with dark patches on their skin produce a substance called Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF), which has the ability to combat abnormal cells. As a banana becomes ripe, its antioxidant levels increase. These antioxidants boost the body’s immune system, protect from heart disease, and decrease the risk of developing certain types of cancer.

The downside to eating overripe bananas is that the starch content starts changing to simple sugars. This sugar content can raise blood glucose levels quite quickly, so people with diabetes or those who are trying to limit their sugar intake should be aware of this. However, there seems to be more benefits to eating overripe bananas than there is harm, so don’t throw those spotty bananas away!

Posted by Tsisia Aivazashvili on Thursday, November 29, 2018