7 Beauty Benefits Stemming From Banana Peels

source: YouTube/Beauty recipes

Bananas are one of nature’s most delicious fruits, and they also happen to be quite good for you. Bananas are packed full of potassium, protein, and dietary fiber. Eating bananas on a regular basis may be able to improve muscle function, heart health, and even lower blood pressure.

source: Fit & Happy / WikiHow

However, one little-known piece of information about bananas is that their peels also offer many benefits. Banana peels contain starch, protein, and many different kinds of amino acids. The peel also contains antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s for these reasons that banana peels can greatly benefit your skin!

Rubbing banana peels on your skin can:

Brighten your complexion

Fade wrinkles

Lighten scars

Eliminate warts

Fight pimples

Reduce the appearance of dark circles

Fade bruises

So, the next time you go to throw out those banana peels, don’t! Hang on to them and use them for these great skin and beauty benefits instead.