12 Beautiful Ways To Reuse Glass Bottles

source: ECKraus

Glass bottles (such as empty wine and beer bottles) can be used for so many different things. All you have to do is peel off the label, and you’re left with a beautiful blank canvas to reuse in whichever way you desire! Feeling crafty? Here are 12 awesome ways to reuse empty glass bottles.

1. Candelabras

source: HGTV

Paint or spray paint some empty wine bottles the same color. Pair with simple white candles for some cheap yet chic candelabras!

2. Bird Feeder

source: Chicken Street

How awesome is this bird feeder made from an empty wine bottle? Click here for the list of instructions.

3. Olive Oil Dispensers

Rinse out those empty wine bottles, pop a bottle spout in the opening, and you’ve got yourself some dispensers for olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

4. Simple Vases

source: Uncommon Designs

A grouping of empty wine bottles used as flower vases makes for a simple yet elegant centerpiece.

5. Bookends

Using empty wine bottles as bookends is quite a simple idea, but it will give you that hip, writer-inspired, somewhat mysterious vibe. Who doesn’t want that?!

6. Candles

source: Lovely Greens

With a scoring tool from Amazon, you can cut down empty wine bottles into these beautiful candles! Click here for the tutorial.

7. Wind Chimes

source: Repurposed 4 Life

That same scoring tool (plus some string, beads, sea glass, and anything else you want) can help you create these whimsical wind chimes.

8. Liquid Soap Dispenser

source: Living Well Spending Less / Real Creative Real Organized

Some antique-looking hardware can be added to empty wine bottles for rustic-chic soap dispensers. Click here for the tutorial.

9. Faux Mercury Glass

source: The Joy of Decorating

Mercury glass is beautiful, but it’s extremely pricey. Click here to learn how to make your own faux mercury glass!

10. Pretty Painted Vases

source: Crafts by Amanda

Feeling creative? Use some chalk paint to decorate wine bottles to use as flower vases!

11. Pendant Lights

Now, this project is a little more time consuming, but it’s worth it! You can decorate wine bottles with tiny glass pebbles to make decorative pendant lights. Click here for the tutorial.

12. Wedding Table Centerpieces

source: Wedding Party by WedPics / Jessica Burke

Weddings are expensive. But you can cut corners in a number of ways, including by making your own table centerpieces like these ones!

Now that you know about these simple and pretty ways to repurpose old wine bottles, hopefully you’ll have lots of craft ideas to try out in the next little while!