6 Awesome Reasons To Start Eating More Onions

source: Bollywood Shaadis

I absolutely love onions. Whether I’m caramelizing them to throw on top of a burger or eating them raw in a salad, I try to put onions in every dish I can – they’re just delicious! If you’re a fellow onion lover, there’s some good news. Eating onions on a regular basis can promote some pretty great health benefits. Here they are!

1. Boost Digestion

source: Bon Appetit

Onions contain a great deal of fiber and probiotics. Both of these things contribute to gut health, reduced inflammation, and better overall digestion.

2. Biotin

source: Quorn

Biotin is a vitamin that contributes to healthy hair, skin, and nails. So if you want more radiant skin, stronger nails, and hair that’s shiny and voluminous, eating more onions could be a good place to start!

3. Stronger Immune System

Onions contain a large amount of vitamin C and antiviral properties. Both of these things work to strengthen the immune system and decrease your chances of getting sick.

4. Healthy Heart

source: Fab Food 4 All

Onions contain high levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Both of these things can decrease blood pressure and cholesterol levels, giving you a healthier, stronger heart.

5. Stronger Bones

source: Simply Recipes

You might think that drinking lots of milk is the main way to keep your bones healthy and strong. However, onions also contain many minerals and antioxidants that aid in bone health.

6. Decreased Cancer Risk

source: BBC

Onions are one great vegetable! Multiple studies have shown that eating onions on a regular basis may be linked to a decreased risk of getting certain types of cancers.