Helpful Tips For Wearing And Caring For Bras

source: iStock/Beeldbewerking

Being a woman requires us to do a lot of things that men don’t have to do. Besides, you know, undergoing childbirth and having to deal with monthly periods, we also have to wear bras all the time. And to make matters worse, bras are pretty difficult to care for. However, once you know the following hacks, wearing and caring for bras is going to be a whole lot easier!

source: Bustle

1. Hang Your Bras

Instead of trying to cram all of your bras in a drawer and risk damaging their shape, loop your bra straps around a clothes hanger and hang them up instead!

2. Save Yourself From Underwire

If the underwire in your bra begins to poke out, use a panty liner or a piece of moleskin to protect your skin.

3. Spin Your Bras Dry

Did you know that you should always hand-wash your bras and never put them in the dryer? These are two sure ways to preserve the lifespan of your bras. However, waiting for them to air-dry can take forever. That’s why you can pop your bras in a salad spinner to get them dry in a fraction of the time.

Want to learn even more game-changing bra hacks? Just check out the super helpful, informative video below!