How To Give Your Laundry A Serious Boost Without Spending More Money

sources: Facebook/Debbie Walls Watts / Fabulessly Frugal

It’s a good thing we chose to renovate our laundry room, because I seem to spend a whole lot of time in there. I feel like half of my life is spent switching over laundry from the washer to the dryer, and folding and sorting clothes into endless piles. Does anyone else relate?! My kids are pretty hard on their clothes, and I’m constantly scrubbing out grass and food stains, sometimes to no avail.

source: Flickr

Thankfully, one Facebook user shared a game-changing tip for boosting your laundry without spending any extra money on expensive laundry products. Debbie Walls Watts explained that she squirts a little bit of Dawn liquid dish soap (the blue kind) into the bottom of her washing machine before she dumps in the clothes. Apparently, her whites end up being whiter, tough stains come out clean, clothing smells fresher, and the washing machine is always sparkling clean afterwards.

I mean, it makes a lot of sense. Dawn dish soap has so many uses. In the comments on Debbie’s post, a few users explained that they use Dawn dish soap as a spot treatment on grease stains. As you likely know, grease is one of the toughest stains to remove, and Dawn is seriously tough on grease. It works on your dishes, so why wouldn’t it work on your laundry?!

source: Bon Appetit via Getty Images

Thanks for sharing this cheap and cheerful tip, Debbie! I know I’ll be trying this the next time I do laundry (which is probably tonight, if I’m being honest). I also like the idea of my washing machine getting a good clean – something I hate to admit that I rarely do! Hopefully this effective tip makes doing laundry in your home a little more enjoyable.